Eyes wide open and a pounding heart are what lie behind Digital Tailor.

I am an inveterate digital believer who never limits herself to any sphere she invests in. Over the past 10 years, I have developed an extended expertise in digital. Leading online growth by managing end-to-end developments ecosystems, cross-channel strategy and managing user-centric platforms for leading companies and iconic brands.

French native based in Paris, I could not keep away from London Calling and took the plunge to move in in 2016.

Dreaming of my independence and wanting to follow my desire to work on product management and with people who share the same obession with authenticity and irreproachable quality, I decided to provide my services and savoir-faire in the digital world as Digital consultant. And so Digital Tailor was born.

You have the conviction we can do something big together? Feel free to send me a message on Linkedin and let's discuss it further!

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Stay tunned!

I invite you to visit my twitter page which is a bit of a mishmash of few inspirations, digital and ethical questioning about innovations and futur of humanity in a connected world.

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