Lead the change

Digital Tailor helps you define your strategy and lead your digital transformation.

Digital Tailor provides support in the decision-making process, recommends courses of action and devises roll-out plans so companies can reinvent themselves and be at the forefront of the digital revolution.


Benefit from best-in-class service driven by a relentless focus on clients’ needs and expectations and a profound understanding of market evolutions.


User first

Increase user engagement and value by focusing on a bespoke user experience based on passion, emotion and usability.



Deliver a seamless and relevant user experience across all the digital platforms and devices from online store to in-store application.



Create growth and value for businesses as well as focus on technical performance of the platforms.



Manage complex and international projects involving diverse stakeholders and over £1M+ in budget.


Product management

Provide strategic direction, define and drive creative and realistic product vision and roadmap.



Provide support in your brand strategy and decision making based on customers behaviours and insights.

The future is now

There are people behind every company and every customer

Think technologies as the reflection of the times

Make use of them to connect people efficiently 
with the aim of mutual enrichment

Making people's lives better and easier

Intuitive. Engaging. Disruptive.

I focus on providing a seamless and relevant user experience accross the range of digital platforms and devices from online store to in-store app.
Creating meaningful, engaging, and bespoke user experiences, that fit your brand and deliver measurable value.

Shape your brand.

I help companies to adopt the right technologies and define their multichannel strategy in accordance with their brand values, their DNA and their business model - Ensuring consistency across all touchpoints and Return On Investment (ROI).


My projects include work for blue-ship and international brands and retailers including cosmetics, fashion and luxury, real estate, media and public companies.