French Blood Service

Created in 2000, EFS is the only civilian blood transfusion organization in France, EFS (French Blood Service) contributes to treating over 1 million patients each year thanks to 3 million blood donations.

The EFS needs to maintain a regular supply of all blood groups and types so they can provide it to the hospitals and save life of patients who need it.

Thereby, a permanent mobilisation of the existing blood donors and acquisition of new donors are key.

In 2011, I joined the the French Blood Service and initiated and executed a digital, multi-platform strategy to encourage blood donations in France.


Mobile website

Led production of a brand new mobile website.

TV ad production

Initiated and managed the first TV ad production of the organisation.

Mutli-screen strategy

Originated a digital, user-centric and multi-platform strategy.

Mobile application

Led overhaul of the current mobile app with focus on usability.

Key achievements



Traffic increase (single visits) in the website thanks to the mobile version



Scoring of the iPhone app in Apple Store



Facebook fans and Twitter followers in a year