Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is #1 in cosmetics in France and counts 30 million clients over the world. Creator of Botanical Cosmetics® and well-known established retailer since 1959, the brandis part of Rocher Group. As a botanist, harvester, manufacturer and retailer, Yves Rocher is the only global cosmetics brand to control the entire life cycle of its product.

In 2009, Yves Rocher operated a general and global overhaul of it's positioning and brand tone-of-voice through:
- A total re-melting of their visual identity
- The reaffirmation of their brand values, highlighting their origins as well as their identity as creator of the "Cosmétique Végétale®"
- A new logo
- The refurbishment of its 400 stores
- The e-commerce website rebuild
- The corporate website rebuild and implementation into the eStore.

I had the chance to take part of this exciting moment of the brand and led the rebranding and new features developement for online store and corporate sites + Rollout across 14 regions.

Digital expertise

International development

Organised as a hub and with France-based head office, the team I was part of, was responsible for design, development and maintenance of the company's customer-facing sites in all markets

Digital & Multichannel strategy

Supported defining company’s 3-year digital plan based on the brand strategy. Took part of brainstorming and initiatives sessions to optimise user experience, merchandising funnel and personalisation.

Corporate website

Led rebranding, rebuild of the corporate site + Rollout across 14 regions. The corporate website was implemented into the eStore in order to highlights brand awareness and reassurance and so improve client attachment and fidelity to the brand.

eCommerce website

Led overhaul of e-commerce site aligned with new brand identity as well as the on-site promotional assets and design of new features such as client testimonials.

Multi-disciplinary stakeholders

Dealt and interacted with all business units throughout the course of a project such as the Brand Communications, IT, Fundation, product management, financial, legacy and merchandising and eCommerce teams.

Product shootage

Led design and management of several digital campaign such as the 50th anniversary of the brand or the new TV ad launch. I also managed a product shootage for a digital campaign

Key achievements



Average order value increase on yves-rocher.fr in 2011 by highlithting brand values



#1 in cosmetics in France from 2008 to 2012 - Favori's award



Number of countries in which the corporate website has been deployed within a year